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From         Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lives In     Los Angeles 1979 to present

2015              Portrait Sharon and Richard Marcus
2011              Leonard Cohen commissioned collage for World Tour

                    All Access Pass
1996-2007     New painting series, commissions, collages


1992            House of Blues
1985             Attack Gallery, L.A.
1980             Banyan Gallery, L.A.

1989             “Remaking L.A.”  UCLA, L.A.
1986              The Attack Gallery   L.A.
1985               Piezo Electric Gallery   NYC
1985               L.A.C.E.  L.A.
1985               Attack Gallery, L.A.
1984               Molly Barnes Gallery  L.A.
1984               Attack Gallery   L.A.
1984               Zero One Gallery   L.A.
1983               La Opinion   L.A.
1983               Swope Gallery  L.A.
1982               The American Gallery  L.A.
1981                Molly Barnes Gallery  L.A.
1979               The Vanguard Gallery  L.A.


1989      “Los Angeles Show”  A show of 16 artists presented at UCLA during                                                                        

             “Remaking of L.A.” forum sponsored by the L.A. Weekly

1987       “From The Inside Out”  Piezo Electric Gallery L.A.  A show of prison

              paintings taken from my classes for adult and juvenile offenders.

1986       “Imagine Future Piece” with John Baldessari, David Amico, Allan                                                                                

               Ruppersberg and 20 other artists at the Attack Gallery in                                                                                                  

               conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Commemoration
               of Hiroshima Festival.

1984        “This Is It!”  a group show of three women, Nancy Evans, Fran                                                                              

               Siegal and Dianne Lawrence at the Zero One Gallery in L.A.


1986        High Performance Magazine  #35  Linda Burnham  featured review of                                                                       

                  solo performance “Fertile Eyes”                                               

1985           LA Weekly.  Peter Clothier.   Featured review of solo show at the                                                                                  

                  Attack Gallery.

1985         Arts Magazine, Colin Gardner, group show, Piezo Electric, NYC

1985         Artweek, Colin Gardner, group show, Piezo Electric Gallery NYC

1983         LA Weekly, Kathi Norklun, group show, Swope Gallery, LA

1982         LA Weekly, Kathi Norklyn, group show, American Gallery, LA

COLLECTIONS (selected)

Dan Akroyd                        Oliver Stone              Michael Elias                Dan Melnick          
Leonard Cohen                   Buck Henry                Leonard Goldberg         Harold Rami
Citibank                              Ivan Reitman             House of Blues              Daniel Travanti
LA Opinion                        Jackson Brown            Kim Cattral                  Peeta Torokvei
Kim Cattrall                        Tiu Leek                    David Essex                   Len Freedman


1990 - 1996     ESALEN INSTITUTE, BIG SUR.  Workshop leader for weekend,                                                                  

                          weeklong and month long workshops focusing on the development                                                                            

                          of creativity.

1990 - 1993       MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART.  L.A.  Educator for school tours.

1991                BEYOND BAROQUE.  Venice CA   Summer performance workshop

1988 - 1990      ART CENTER SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Pasadena.  Elective classes                                                                  

                           focusing on the development of creativity.

1990                L.A.C.E.  Summer performance workshop

1986 - 1987        CROSSROADS, Santa Monica. Private Jr. High School,  2 Semesters of painting.

1985 - 1986       “Artists In Institutions” program sponsored by LA Theatreworks

                       & UCLA
                            I taught painting and development of creativity to incarcerated men, women
                            and children at:
                            California Rehabilitation Center (for men & women)
                            California Institute for Men, Chino
                            California Institute for Women, Chino
                            Camp David, Malibu, camp for juvenile offenders
                            McClaren Hall,   School for abused and neglected children
                              sponsored by LA Theatreworks           



1970                Hair Workshop.  Wrote for, directed and performed in.
1976                   A Space   “Nitespots” Singer with the Dr. Brute Orchestra from the Western Front.                                                                       
1976                Glamazon,  a model in “American Fashion from 1920 to 1970”
1976                A Space    Torch Showcase.  An evening of torch songs with Carole Pope, Brenda Donahue,

                            Suzette Couture.                                                                  
1976                    The Ontario Museum of Art   “GOING THRU THE MOTIONS, 

                            The  Rehearsal  of  the Audience for the 1984 Ms. General Idea Pageant”  by General Idea

                             I played a walking, talking, living,  breathing idea on legs.           

Los Angeles
1986                     “Fertile Eyes”  wrote, performed in and directed.  Performed outdoors in the                                                      

                             Malibu Hills.
1999                     Highways    “Woof Woof”,  a benefit to raise money for the dog rescue work of Rachel                                        

                              Rosenthal,  myself and others.
2000                  “All Stars of Performance Art”.  An evening of performance art hosted by
                              The Dark Bob and presented at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.


2008 – CURRENT -  Present  Editor/Publisher The Neighborhood News

 1999, 2000, 2006    COAGULA   Editor at Large: Interviews with John Baldessari, Mike Bidlo, Sue Coe, James

                                    Hayward, Mary Corse, Tim Ebner, John Miller, Osseus Labryinth. 

                                     Reviewed: Tim Hawkins,  LACMA

Reviewed “Tiny Alice” a show by Nancy Evans

LA Weekly, 2000,
Short Story: Lets Get Lost

Film Reviewer
Over 40 reviews for Filmmonthly.com